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England through Russian eyes.

Welcome to us! Далекая, близкая Англия is an intercultural blog on a subject of seeing the United Kingdom through Russian eyes. It is focused on a personal and upbeat approach to the diversity and correlation between Britain and Russia.

You will find here many articles that explore modern life in the United Kingdom. They are especially relevant to someone who wants to discover more beside the usual travel and visiting ideas.

Далекая, близкая Англия introduces the British culture and lifestyle to the global Russian-speaking audience. We present social events, traditions, picturesque countryside through the author’s personal experience. Needless to say an atmosphere of local communities in England, Scotland and Wales.

Furthermore Далекая, близкая Англия  shares some practical tips with those wishing to study, work and invest in the UK. First of all how to learn English language and take IELTS. Then how to apply to a British university and a private school. Another point is an assistance in getting a UK visa for a family or friend or settling down in the UK. The foreign investors may find some ideas on personal finances. While the residents with permanent home in the UK or outside could probaly clarify the tax liabilities.

In addition, some articles cover social and economic issues that dominate public opinion in modern Britain and Russia. England through Russian eyes values the opinions expressed by our readers and followers. Therefore we are pleased to get them involved in a discussion.

Finally our readers would probably discover perception of Russia in the UK on a personal level or through the contemporary events initiated by Russians abroad.

Далекая, близкая Англия is non-commercial project of Vestigio Services. The company provides financial, immigration and education advice to international and Russian clients in the UK.

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